Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Haemonculus

Some characters have mishaps putting them well beyond the mortal coil. Occasionally someone may be hit with a disintegrating laser, or they might fall into a lava pit, or rocks fall and Bob dies and everyone loses hope. Well, now you and your party can hope once again! When found, this spell will be understood as Create Human Life.
By Eliana Rose. znijurru at gmail

Monday, March 9, 2015

The Best (Or Worst) Sword Ever

Whiterazor – capable of killing none, but cures death. Rotting flesh via necrotic energies, disease, or old age quickly regenerates as youthful skin...

Sword by Eliana Rose. She is available for art commissions -- contact her at znijurru at gmail

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Death & Dismemberment for LotFP

Avoid Resurrection!

Spells and powers that allow characters to return from the dead can take away from the ability for players to immerse themselves in fantasy roleplaying games. In a world where we can cast a spell and return a person to life, how and why does anyone die? Why would your players take risks seriously when they know there's no permanent danger to their character? These are things to consider if you're a referee who loves gritty, realistic adventure games. One of the easiest, if not one of the best options is to remove (or not use in the first place) Resurrection spells.

This turns up the difficulty quite a bit, and may frustrate veterans who lose characters due to silly mistakes. Let's face it – it sucks when a campaign that is running well is upset by a few poor choices. Some of our characters are cooler than others and we'd like to keep them around for just a few more expeditions. We're not all comfortable with having to ignore a die roll or hand-wave an event to keep characters alive, either. So...

What Happens When A Character Dies?