Monday, March 9, 2015

The Best (Or Worst) Sword Ever

Whiterazor – capable of killing none, but cures death. Rotting flesh via necrotic energies, disease, or old age quickly regenerates as youthful skin...

Sword by Eliana Rose. She is available for art commissions -- contact her at znijurru at gmail

Strange, burning energy spreads from wounds made by cuts or pierces of the blade, and lasts for 2d12 hours, over which time the blade's effect will spread to every part of the body still attached. The sword cannot regenerate past loss of limbs, fingers, eyes, etc, but anything it is cut by will be healed. Dead characters impaled by the sword will wake up in 2d12+12 hours early-middle aged in appearance and once again living and breathing.

Zombies, Ghouls, Liches and other undead hit by the sword will cease to be undead and fall to the ground paralyzed, whereupon like dead characters, they will rise in 2d12+12 hours as the original person they were before undeath. During this time, any damage done to the body will be fully regenerated as well.

Living creatures attacked by the sword will feel pain and the blade will pass through them, but the wounds will be instantly healed, for Whiterazor is incapable of causing harm to living beings. Loss of living limbs due to the sword is almost nonexistent – the flesh stitches itself as the blade passes through so it is possible the blade may completely separate a finger. Upon close inspection, the skin will actually reach out to reattach to the appendage before it can fall. Should the severed appendage be pulled away through some elaborate plan to foil the sword's energies, the severed portion will wither and turn to dust as the original appendage IS regenerated (but only in this rare occurrence or similar.)

Being healed by the sword is not an all-in-one healing process. It will close flesh and tissue as best as it can, but it cannot rearrange or splint bones, it cannot perform surgery, it leaves scars and if major portions of flesh are missing, they will become craters of scar tissue, much like modern surgery leaves behind. If a creature is healed by the sword without their wounds being properly taken care of, if could heal HP but turn injuries into permanent deformities.

The healing energy left behind by Whiterazor passing through flesh emanates from that point, healing 1d4 hp every round.

The blade itself seems to be made of pearl, with etched vines filled with abalone shell. The handle is wrapped in white leather, all ends tipped in turquoise. It's probably found in a dungeon unattended, as it's unlikely to be on a corpse. 

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  1. Genius! What a great idea (and always nice to hear of another artist available for commissions, so thanks for that as well).